Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey--let's go for a walk!

We have a pretty sturdy backpack carrier that we use when we take Oliver for long walks.  he loves it, perched up behind us he can see everything!  We keep it in the corner of the dining room tucked between two bookshelves.

The ohter day I was folding laundry in the livingroom when I heard this little voice saying "mama! mama!" so I got up and wen t into the dining room.

THis is what I found:

Not exactly subtle.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

don't forget my hat!

Oliver really likes to wear hats.

Every time we get ready to go outside he pats his head to remind us that he needs a hat.  I dug out this one last weekend.  Andy and Susan say it looks silly,
but I love it! 

He got the straps onder her chin all by himself. 
He's so proud!

I love the way his nose wrinkles up when he smiles. 

Oliver loves pointing out airplanes.  Every time we are outside in the yard, we see a few.  Oliver can hear them before he can see them--so he looks all around until he spots it (cloudy days drive him crazy!). 

After he finds the airplane he throws his arms wide and yells "ba-plane"!

That is what he is doing here.

So far this spring, he has been so fun.  He is perfectly content to hang out and explor the yard while I work in the garden.  I think we are going to have a good summer together!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A day at the (Minnesota) Zoo

One sunny Saturday in April, Oliver and I went to the Minnesota Zoo with Grampa, Auntie, Ryan and my friend Shannon and her son Sawyer.

Here is Auntie and Oliver, smiling for the camera, outside of a big cat exhibit.

Here are Shannon, Sawyer, and Oliver outside the same exhibit.  Did you notice Oliver's cute leather jacket?  It was a gift from Grandpa!

Oliver had fun dragging Grandpa all over the zoo!

 We headed over to the farm babies exhibit.  Oliver and Sawyer loved the goats best--but at first Oliver didn't know what to think.

Eventually both Oliver and Sawyer worked up the courage to go pet the goats.  They were so tame and Sawyer was so gentle.

Oliver--well he wasn't so gentle.  See how his hand is a blur as he excitedly "pets" the goat.  Lucky the goat wasn't fazed at all--he must be used to excited children.  After the boys got their fill petting this goat they got to see a baby goat that was just a few days old--this time we made sure Oliver was more gentle.

After the baby goats, we decided to go outside and see how the boys did feeding the goats.  Oliver was so excited to see the goats up close again--but he didn't quite get the idea of feeding the goats.
He ate the goat food instead!

With a little help from his mom, Sawyer got the hang of it pretty quickly.

After the Farm Babies Exhibit we went to see the shark/fish exhibit in the aquarium house and Oliver loved it!  I think he remembered the fish from our trip to the MOA to see the fish exhibit!  After that Oliver was worn out and fell asleep in the stroller.