Sunday, January 31, 2010

Piglet the Red Nosed Raindeer

My friend Margie got Piglet this cute Raindeer suit.

I decided that it would be perfect for this year's Christmas card.

Piglet wasn't interested in smiling for me. 
He just wanted to taste the outfit.

So I decided to photograph Piglet-the-Red-Nosed-Raindeer.

We used this picture for our card.  F.Y.I. colorstay lipstick is not meant for baby noses, it stayed on there for 3 days!

Social smiling

Piglet has such a sweet smile--and he is such a smiley baby.  Except when I bring out the camera.  Then he gets this very serious look.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bath time!

Now that Piglet is a little older (6 weeks) he is starting to have fun in the bath--especially when there are bubbles.
Kick, kick, kick.  Splash, splash, splash.

There is just something about the fresh-out-of-the-bath-wrapped-in-a-towel picture, it gets me every time!

On another note, I hate my camera.  The red-eye-reduction mode does not work and the red-eye-fix on the picture software isn't any better.  I really need a new camera.

Happy Halloween

Grandpa and Auntie came over to celebrate with us and we started the day by going out for lunch at Burger Jones in Minneapolis.  Then we carved pumpkins.

It is hard to tell in this picture, but Piglet is dressed up as an icecream sundae-his Papa's favorite food.  The hat looks like whipped cream with sprinkles and a cherry on top!

Piglet is a little chunky, see the outfit gapping?  Its a six month size!

The kissy face

This is Piglet's kissy face--I can't resist it!

One Month Old!

It is hard to believe that Piglet is already one month old!  He is still snorting and grunting a lot-- and he still loves his nuk!  He also likes to go on walks with mama.  We've been getting out and about, fall is my favorite time of year and Piglet likes to look around at the trees, until he falls asleep!

Speaking of sleeping, Piglet's favorite place to snooze is in someone's arms.  Mama, Papa, Grandma Sherri, Auntie--it does not really matter.
And-just for fun, here he is ready to head out for a walk.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby mittens...

I have not figured out how to clip Piglet's tiny little nails yet.  Unfortuantely, Piglet has figured out how to scratch himself with said tiny little nails.  Seriously, have you ever looked at newborn finger nails?

The only problem is, Piglet has figured out how to get them off.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The new chair

We got a new chair for the nursery:

Look, it reclines:

I don't know why we waited until after Piglet was born to find a comfortable chair for me to nurse him in.  Oh my aching back!  Piglet and I are both happier now, I can nurse him easily, plus the chair rocks so it is much easier to lul him to sleep.

Quick-where's the nuk?

Piglet loves his nuk.
Well, one nuk in particular--the one he got at the hospital.  Here he is with it:
As you might know, we did not find out Piglet's gender before he was born, so all the baby clothes and accessories we bought were neutral. 
It became clear pretty quickly that we would need to get some more nuks--the boy likes to suck, so Papa and I ventured out to Target with Piglet.  I was really excited to buy some "boy" stuff-but we were pretty good on newborn clothes, blankets and bath gear...

Then I saw the blue nuk!  Same brand as he got from the nursery at the hospital, but blue.  I decided that this would have to do for "boy stuff" for now and we bought the blue nuk.

He. hated. it.  As it turns out the blue nuks were for older babies, it took us a while to figure this out but once we did we stocked up on the green nuks.  Now we find ourselves frantically looking for the nuk less frequently.

On another note, the cute owl outfit Piglet is wearing was his birthday present from Auntie--Thanks Auntie!

Introducing Piglet!

Piglet was born September 28, 2009 via c-section (perhaps I'll share the birth story later).  He got the nickname Piglet because when he was born he grunted and snorted alot, especially when he wanted to eat.

When Piglet was a new born, he hated baths.  When we swaddled him he would get upset if we wrapped his arms in the blanket.  He liked to sleep in his carseat (in fact it was the only place we could get him to sleep besides our arms for the first couple of weeks--he must have liked being curled up in there.

Piglet has always liked having his hands up by his face, I think it soothes him. He also prefers to have no clothes on--he'd rather be wrapped up in a snuggly blanket while we hold him.