Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick-where's the nuk?

Piglet loves his nuk.
Well, one nuk in particular--the one he got at the hospital.  Here he is with it:
As you might know, we did not find out Piglet's gender before he was born, so all the baby clothes and accessories we bought were neutral. 
It became clear pretty quickly that we would need to get some more nuks--the boy likes to suck, so Papa and I ventured out to Target with Piglet.  I was really excited to buy some "boy" stuff-but we were pretty good on newborn clothes, blankets and bath gear...

Then I saw the blue nuk!  Same brand as he got from the nursery at the hospital, but blue.  I decided that this would have to do for "boy stuff" for now and we bought the blue nuk.

He. hated. it.  As it turns out the blue nuks were for older babies, it took us a while to figure this out but once we did we stocked up on the green nuks.  Now we find ourselves frantically looking for the nuk less frequently.

On another note, the cute owl outfit Piglet is wearing was his birthday present from Auntie--Thanks Auntie!

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