Friday, November 15, 2013

Sunny Girl

I have never been one of those mothers who fusses constantly over her kids' appearances.  I bath them, I put clean clothes on them every day and I figure that is good enough.  I don't chase after them with tissue or wipes.

I let them be kids.  Dirt and grime included.

But a little dirt and grime doesn't dampen this girl's grin.

These pictures were taken back in May, before Susan and I left on our trip and before Andy and I started the kitchen re-model.  At this point in time, Emelia was really starting to assert some independence and grow into her toddler-hood.

I love this picture.  She is looking around the camera for me playing peek-a-boo.  It is still her favorite game.  She'll cover her head with a blanket and sit there until one of us says "Where's Emelia?" at which point she squeals with delight and takes the blanket off.  And then we do it again!  And again!

I caught some pictures of her looking at her shadow.  She was fascinated.

Look at her round cheeks and round belly!  I could just eat her up.

"Look what it does when I do this"

 "Where did it go?"

Found it!

Come on, friend, let's go play.