Saturday, September 22, 2012

Summer time!

Its funny that I'm just getting to my summer re-cap post on the first day of autumn!  Actually, it is a bit sad, so much has happened!  But we've been busy playing, traveling (me, for work), working around the house and geting back into the back-to-school schedule (Andy).
Here are some of our favorite memories of this summer:
Playing with Henry and Gabrielle.
Playing in the pool, running through the sprinkler and eating popciciles!

Gabrielle sure loves the baby! (Maybe a bit too much sometimes!)
Oliver continues to adore his sister and cuddles her every chance he gets!
We took some time (a week!)
 to give our kitchen a face lift and do some other work around our house. 
 Here is our kitchen before (but after I removed some cabinets...oops!):

And after:

In the before pictures, all of the kitchen lights are on.  In the after picture, none of the lights are on!  Since the picture was taken we switched out the light fixture from the brassy colored on pictured to one with a brushed nickel finish and painted the walls a beachy blue.
Like this:
Emelia is 7 months old now and has learned a lot of new tricks.
She is rolling over like a champ.
She's eating solids and, like her brother, has a BIG appetite.
Here is how her first bite went...
doesn't she look thrilled:
What the hell is that?!

me: it's yummy!

Emelia: if you say so...
Can I be done now?

But seriously, now that we are beyond cereal, the girl loves to eat!  I'm still making most of my own baby food and I'm still mixing flavors and adding spices.  So far, so good.
Oliver has been practicing his soccer skills, he's pretty good!

Here's Emelia, sitting up like a big girl.

and laughing at Grandpa Mike.

I love the way her little toes are sticking out in this picture.

Modeling the short sleeve hoodie Grandma Sherri made.

and Oliver's new socks.
The End.
For now.