Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introducing Piglet!

Piglet was born September 28, 2009 via c-section (perhaps I'll share the birth story later).  He got the nickname Piglet because when he was born he grunted and snorted alot, especially when he wanted to eat.

When Piglet was a new born, he hated baths.  When we swaddled him he would get upset if we wrapped his arms in the blanket.  He liked to sleep in his carseat (in fact it was the only place we could get him to sleep besides our arms for the first couple of weeks--he must have liked being curled up in there.

Piglet has always liked having his hands up by his face, I think it soothes him. He also prefers to have no clothes on--he'd rather be wrapped up in a snuggly blanket while we hold him.

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  1. Ann Murray! How are you?! I'm so glad you found me on facebook. Congrats on the new little boy...I just had my first baby on October 5th. So close together! :)
    -Sarah Erck