Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The birthday loot

Oliver, I am sorry for the lack of updates.  Someday when you read this you will notice the gap, but it is not because I didn't have anything interesting to write about, on the contrary, you've kept Papa and I extremely busy.

For the record, I started a new job, then Papa got sick with viral meningitis and had to be hospitalized but he's all better now.

Now on to birthday post part 2.

Oliver definately liked the opening-the-presents-thing a lot more than he liked the smashing-and-eating-the-cake-thing.

Here is a monkey that he got from Grandma Betsy. 
It is soft, so naturally he likes it!

He got something soft from Grandma Sherri too, here is is taking it for a test run.  Or a test cuddle.

Yep.  That'll do!

He also got this microphone, which he loves! 

It makes eleventy-bajillion-and-one different sounds.  Thanks. Grandma.

Here is the fire truck he got from Auntie.  If you haven't watched him open it yet, you should, it is worth every second.  Especially the grin at the end.

He got some other great gifts as well, from his friend Henry and my friend Katie.  Overall it was a good day.  Stay tuned for the cake reveal!

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