Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Development: Pretend Play

These days, Oliver is engaging in pretend play more and more.
One of his favorites is pretending to cook with mama.  We pull a chair up to the counter and he measures with measuring cups and spoons and mixes with wooden spoons.  He is quite the litte chef.
This weekend Oliver had Andy and I cracking up as he imitated my morning "routine."  We usually all leave the house at the same time.  When I am ready to walk out the door, I've got my keys in one had and Oliver in the other. We all walk out the the car and I get Oliver in his car seat.  I kiss Oliver and say "bye" and I kiss Andy, who is usually standing right next to me and say "bye" before walking (with keys still in hand) to my car.
So this weekend, Oliver found my car keys.  Andy and I were sitting on the sofa and Oliver marched right up to me and gave me a kis.  Then he gave papa a kisss.  Then he said "bye" and walked to the back door.    After about 15 seconds he came back into the living room to start it again. 
Kiss. Kiss. Bye.

But, my favorite pretend play scenario so far is this one.


  1. What a good caretaker! He looks like he's taking his job very seriously. Adorable!!

    It's absolutely heart-warming that he pretended to be you. Shows just how important those little routines are to our little kiddos.

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