Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little fishy

Oliver just finished his first round of swimming lessons.  It was a parent and tot class that he did with Andy, for the most part, he loved it!

The lessons were at the Jim Lupient Water Park in NE.  The pool there is zero depth, so the little ones can walk right in. 

Oliver was always really excited to go in, he always went running right in, most days he'd run until he couldn't any more and then would fall face first right into the water.  Here he is well on his way.

As part of the swimming lessons they sang songs and played games.  Oliver and Papa had a lot of fun!


Oliver's specialty is floating, front and back floats.

Olvier wasn't keen on blowing bubbles,
and didn't like jumping off the edge at first, but by the end of the session he was riding down the big water slides with Papa!


  1. Good job, Oliver! Kaia loves swim lessons. She loves to jump and blow bubbles, but she hates floating. Great pictures! :)

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