Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Treats please... thank you.

Oliver was a monster for Halloween this year.

I wasn't sure whether we'd make it trick-or-treating or to the Halloween party at the park.  After spending part of his day in the costume last Friday at day care he decided he'd had enough.

I had to bribe him with a cookie to get him into the costume on Sunday--the day my dad came and we all carved pumpkins. 
I've taken a picture of a costumed Oliver with our carved pumpkins for the last two years and I was determined to do it again!

Oliver surprised me and was actually excited to put on his costume again on Halloween, maybe because I told him we could go play outside.

The local rec center at the park was having a Halloween party with little stations set up where kids could trick-or-treat.  Oliver thought that was pretty cool, here he checks out his loot.

Then we met up with Oliver's buddy Henry to do a little trick-or-treating.

Oliver had been practicing the phrase "trick-or-treat" and did pretty well!  In fact, after the first house he caught on and I had trouble keeping up with him as he marched to the next house!

Oliver got tired of trying to get out the entire phrase "trick or treat" so he shortened it to "treat please" and then said "thank you" every time!

Here is the whole crew, aren't they cute!

Then when we got home we had the classic yet not-so-cute post-sugar enduced meltdown.  Here is what happend when we put the candy away I call it Oliver's "Monster meltdown":

In case you didn't catch that he is saying "Ollie trick-or-treat." 
Poor kid.

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  1. Oh! That breaks my heart! It's so hard when they cry over something they don't quite understand. We had to do the "Halloween Fairy" with Kaia so she would stop bothering us about the candy.

    On a happier note, he makes an adorable monster! He is getting so big!!! Love the pictures of him holding hands with his buddy. So sweet!