Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Oliver,

Today is the last day you will be my only baby, Oliver.

I can't believe how much fun we've had together in the last two years.  You are such a smart, silly and sweet boy!  Tomorrow, you will be a big brother and I know you are going to be so good at it! 

Before we talk about you being a big brother, I want to talk about some of the things you are doing now.  You ask so many questions, you are curious about every new thing you see.  Your vocabulary has exploded and you are talking in full sentences.  You REALLY like to pretend to cook, so much so, that it is hard for Mama and Papa to cook when you are around because you drag a chair all over the kitchen and get into things you shouldn't.  Sometimes I distract you by letting you read my fancy cookbooks.

You are the most active little boy I know, running, jumping, dancing.  It seems you never stop moving.  You love to count busses on the way home from daycare, distinguishing between school busses and city busses like an old pro.   You seem to understand that some big changes are coming--but I'm not sure you know what to think. 

So many of the things that I love most about you are going to make you a great big brother.  You are very affectionate and loving, and your new baby brother or sister will soon be the recipient of that affection (gulp).  You love singing and having us sing to you, and I think the baby will too!  You are also very helpful.  Like this winter, the two times it snowed, you were happy to pick up a shovel and do your share.

While you are all boy, and very rambunctious, you also have a sweet, nuturing side that melts my heart.  You love babies right now and I think that you will be very protective of your little sibling and will be good at helping to take care of him or her.  However, while Mama likes the game where you pretend to be a lion, and Mama pretends to be scared and crys so you comfort me with lots of hugs, and kisses and your blankie, the baby probably won't like being scared by a lion. 
You've been changing your toy's diapers for a while now, and lately you've been working on your feeding technique.

I have tried, over the last few months, to make sure that we have had lots of quality time together.  And with the new baby, I will be sure that we still get to spend plenty of time together, just you and me. 
Lots of things are changeing, but I promise you this, my Oliver. 
I love you through and through. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow too.
And I always will.

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  1. What a sweet, heartfelt letter. It makes me tear up and I know he will appreciate it one day. I am positive that Oliver will always feel loved and cherished by you. He was your first child and there's something very special about that. The first picture is so adorable!!!