Friday, June 11, 2010

The thing that will stop Oliver in his tracks... or mid-babble.

Dear Oliver,

You are so loud. You yell non-stop in the car and you are so loud that Papa and I can't talk. We just laugh. You LOVE fans. Expecially cieling fans. One day we were in the car, and you were very seriously yelling. "Ba-bab-bab-bab-ba uh Da-da-da-da-ahhhh!" Then, as we stopped at a stoplight, it just stopped. Mid-bab. Papa and I looked at eachother waiting for it to start again. It didn't "Did he fall asleep?" I asked. Andy looked back and saw you, mesmerized. We had stopped right by a big windmill. It was the biggest, most amazing fan you had ever seen. As we turned at the stoplight you turned as much as you could to follow it. Then, it was out of sight.

Another thing that has left Oliver without much to say is his friend Henry.  They got together last weekend. 
{See Henry eyeing that toy?}

Henry is 10 days older that Oliver and likes to assert his senority.  Every time Oliver picked up a toy, Henry would take it from him. 

Oliver never got upset. 

{Oliver scowling at Henry as he plays happily with his new prize}

Ok, maybe he got a little upset, but he never really protested.
He just looked at me like "Who is this guy?"

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  1. Nice to see that Oliver has a friend to help him get into trouble! :)