Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's not what it looks like

That is not a picture of Oliver caged in a pen.

Ok, maybe it is.

 But it was not to corral him, it was to corral Bun-bun.

As you can see, Oliver was very excited about Bun-bun.

He laughed at how quick the bunny was.

On another (disgusting) note, yesterday Oliver was eating dinner when he decided he needed to go #2.  Poor little man was working so hard geting it out that he threw up!  It was coming out both ends!


  1. loving all the outdoors oliver pics! especially the one with the red swing--makes me want one! wishing you a sleep-through-the-night night tonight (if that makes sense) :)

  2. Just changed the header pic before I saw your post!