Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's SCARY how late this Halloween post is

Last year at Halloween, Oliver was one month old.

My dad came to visit and my sister was here too. We carved pumpkins.  I dressed Oliver up in his sundae outfit (with a cherry on top) and propped him up between our pumpkin creations.

That has become one of my (many) favorite pictures
and I decided to make it a tradition. 

This year we dressed Oliver up as a lion.  He had a tendancy to cry when we put it on him. Then he was the cowardly lion.  he he he.

Hmm... let me see that.

I've never seen a ball like this before but I bet I can still throw it!

Maybe next year mama will actually do something fun like take me to a pumpkin patch or trick-or-treating rather than just dressing me in something silly and making me sit with the pumpkins.

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  1. I STILL haven't gotten my Halloween pictures up...

    But Oliver sure does look cute as a cowardly lion lol