Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oliver's first words

Oliver ocassionally says "mama" or "dada" but we are not really sure they mean what they mean because we refer Andy as "Papa" and not Daddy.

So, here are some hints for his first word.

See if you can guess.

{look at that fuzzy bald head!}

{ignore the obnoxious wire display}

If you guessed "ball" you'd be right.  He usually says it when he comes across one of his 20 or so balls that he as temporarily forgotten about.  Needless to say he doesn't forget about the giant orange one.

Now, word number two.  Here are your hints:


Yes, he is all boy.  Is second first-word is "jump" or actully it is more like "ump" or "yump."

Most of Oliver's favorite games to play involve "yumping."  Is favorite is when Papa holds him tight and jumps really high over and over--he squeals with delight.  Now he'll walk up to Andy with his arms out and say "ump ump ump."  It is adorable.

Can't wait to hear what is next!

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