Sunday, March 11, 2012

10 Things

Ten things to know about Emelia.

1.  She crys.  A lot.  Now before you roll your eyes and say "of course she does Ann, she's a baby"--hear me out.
She crys for hours.  With a feriocity that threatens to bring down the roof on my 100+ year old house.
Emelia has cried more in her first four weeks than Oliver did in his first 6 months.  After one marathon 5 hour session I called our doctor, and he suggested I bring her in.  She performed well for him--which made me happy.  Not because I want her to cry, but because I didn't want the doctor to think I was crazy.
When she wasn't better the next day, he asked me to come in again.  We have no answers, but I feel better knowing that a seasoned vetran of pediatrics confirms what I've been thinking... she crys A LOT.
2.  She hates having her diaper changed.

3.  She spits up--a lot.  I think this may have something to do with #1 above.

4.  She has really long fingers.

5. And toes.  She couldn't wear the newborn size clothes because her feet were to big to fit in the footies!

6. She sleeps better than Oliver did (thank goodness).  Usually two 3-4 hour stretches per night.

7.  She is really strong.  She was holding her head up before we left the hospital.  The other day she almost rolled over straining for her nuk which was just out of reach.

8.  She is pretty in pink.  Which is good because we have a lot of pink.

9.  She is the loudest sleeper I know.  I still get up at night thinking she is fussing, but she's not. Just grunting, squeaking, snorting and yes, crying... in.her.sleep.

10.  She squeaks.  A lot.  Andy has nicknamed her "Little Mouse."


  1. Ann, she is just absolutely beautiful! I hope you are able to solve the source of the crying soon.

  2. She's fiesty! I can't believe how strong she is! That's amazing!

    You have some beautiful pictures of your daughter. I love the one of your hands together. So precious.