Thursday, July 28, 2016

A letter to my daughter on this historic night.

My sweet girl,

As I sit here tonight, watching Hilary Clinton accept the Democratic Party's nomination for President, I find myself thinking of you.

It's been a roller coaster night as I vacillate between the hope I feel when I listen to Hilary's words and how terrified I am of what your world will look like if we elect the other guy.  

I want you to know this.  You are amazing.  You are strong, and brave.  You are smart and considerate and eager to help.  You are observant and quietly intelligent. Be you, and you will find your way in this world. 

I will do my best to guide you, to be your role model.  I will do my best to provide opportunities that will be yours if you decide to work for them.  I am your mama, and I will do everything I can to make sure you inherit a better world. 

I love you.

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