Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Capture: SKY

So the first thing I thought of when I saw that the "You Capture" theme this week was "sky," was work.

But wait, you say. 

You work in a cubicle.

On a large corporate campus.

In the middle of suburbia.

I know, I know.  But hear me out.

I work about 25 miles away from where I live, and every day my commute takes me from my Urban-with-a-capital-U neighborhood in Minneapolis, across the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.  The road is essentially a high bridge over this marshy wetland/river valley.

And from this high point, before decending into the valley,
I can see A LOT of sky.

I also go past Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.  Not just by it, but right under the primary approach/take-off-path of the two main runways. 

Now I don't know about you, but I am facinated by planes.  If your timing is just right, you can see a plane, coming or going, extremely close-up.  I spend a lot of time gazing up towards the sky on this part of the drive. 
{Given how distracted I am by the planes anyway, I thought it would be a bad idea to add to that distraction by trying to take a picture, so you will just have to use your imagination}

This is the view from my parking spot.  Well, it is not technically my parking spot, but it is where I park.  Everyday.

The building I work in is in the other direction.  It is about a two-block walk.

I enjoy the walk. Except in winter (hello, this is Minne-so-ta). Most days I look over the expanse of pavement of our parking lots (enough to hold cars for almost 7,000 employees) and greive for the lost priarie.  What an environmental disaster.  It  could not have been that much more expensive to build a parking ramp. 

I digress.

So, here is the view half way to my building. 

I work in a maze of cubicles, but I am lucky enough to have a window.
Here is my view.

And on my way home from work (or anywhere for that matter) there is a particular view that always tells me "I'm home."

The Minneapolis Skyline.  With Skyscrapers.

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These pictures kinda suck because I took them with my cell phone camera.  To see more quality renditions of "Sky" check out You Capture.



  1. wow! great shots. love all of them
    Do visit me. & I love ur blog & i am def following u & hope u do too as its fun to make new bloggy friends

  2. Wow, your sky shots are gorgeous. I'd have a hard time concentrating with views like yours.