Sunday, February 27, 2011

Drool Fest 2011

We were babysitting Oliver's best friend Henry recently.  I think they were both teething--they both had trails of drool running from their chins all night.

Here is Oliver--he is actually working on his canine teeth.

And here is cute little Henry.

I HEART his big blue eyes and thick shiny hair!

And here is my sweet husband, reading to the boys.

Oliver is starting to show a bit of a preference for his Papa.
Some nights, he only wants Papa to put him to bed.
Yesterday, Andy was gone playing volleyball.  At some point during the day Oliver and I went upstairs, and the door to Andy's Work-out Room was closed (as it often is when Andy is working out).  Oliver ran right up to the door, pounded on it and yelled "ba-pa ba-pa!"

He looked so sad when I opened the door to show him there was no Papa.

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