Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's take a walk...

down memory lane, shall we?

I just downloaded a bunch of pictures from Andy's cell phone.

Brand new Oliver Thomas

Holy cow.  I can.not.believe. I just put a picture of my ginormous stretch-marked stomach on the internets.  glup.

Bathtime Oliver.

Look at the upper-right and lower-left-hand corners. 
My bald little baby!


  1. oh, my! oliver was such a peanut! don't the teeny tiny baby pictures just melt your heart? also - considering my current form, i think your big old belly looked just fabulous!

  2. Great pictures! I especially love the one with all the bubbles on his face! Good for you for owning your belly and being a proud momma to show it off. What fun memories! Thanks for sharing. :)