Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Emelia laughs

Oliver is still enjoying his role as big brother.  Most mornings when he wakes up the first thing he asks is to hold "my meya" which is what he calls Emelia.

For her part, Emelia is learning to tolerate her somewhat overbearing big brother...mostly.

It is hard to tell in the two pictures above, but Emelia is getting pretty rolly-polly.  In fact, I've started calling her chub-a-lub
because she has so much chub-to-love!

Exhibit A.  Belly.

Exhibit B.  Thigh. Rolls.

Exhibit C.  Chins.

I can't believe how fast she is growing.  She is already over 16 lbs and isn't even 4 months old yet! I love her little smirk in this picture.  It is so emblematic of her personality.  Oliver was always grinning and laughed easily.  Emelia smirks when she is amused and chuckles when she thinks something is funny. 

She was really laughing this weekend and now
I have about 100 pictures just like this:

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  1. Seriously! How adorable are your kids! I love their bond. :)