Sunday, May 6, 2012

We went and saw sharks!

We recently invested in a membership to Sea Life Minnesota.
Oliver loves the sharks!

They are all he can talk about for days after we visit: "I go see sharks, mama?"  It is really hard to avoid going to Sea Life MN any time we go to the MOA.  And, he seems to think all malls have sharks.  Recently we went to Roseville and as we walked in the doors Oliver said "This a mall, Mama?" I said yes, and he replied "I see sharks?"  I had to explain that there were not sharks at this mall, and Oliver decided that it was a yucky mall.

Auntie got him a shark hat, here he is modeling it, along with his new shoes!

I just love watching his face light up every time he sees a shark.
(Personally, I prefer the tortises.  You can see one in the background)

I think Oliver was less impressed with this guy:

Jeez Papa, this guy is ugly!

I did manage to get my favorite threesome to slow down long enough
to take a nice picture.

Well, two out of three isn't bad...

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