Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Having a baby changes everything

Even date night.
Auntie offered to watch Piglet for us so we could go out last Saturday night. We planned on going to a new movie theater,it has a VIP section where they serve food an wine. (I know, fancy-right?)

On the way to the theater, Andy and I had a really nice coversation about (gasp) something OTHER than Piglet.  The chat continuted as we waited in line to buy tickets and I was enjoying it so much that I told Andy I didn't want to go to the movie anymore.  So we didn't.

The theater we went too is in a new shopping complex, so we went out (into the cold!) to walk around.  We found a toy store, creative kidstuff, and went in.  I kid you not, we spent an hour in there!  Now Andy and I have been known to spend a little time in a toy store, but this was different.

We started in the "big kid" toys and imagined Piglet playing with the kites, toxin-free sculpting clay, the sleds and science projects.  We talked about teaching him to rollerblade, building with blocks and learning what sports he has a talent for or interest in.

After a while we made our way to the infant toys and Andy found a fun little do-hicky that we decided to get Piglet.  It is made by one of my favorite tow makers--the Manhattan Toy Co. (who are actually based in Mpls).  Here are some shots of Piglet checking it out.

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