Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Piglet is such a good baby!

Piglet hardly cries at all anymore--and he can be put in his swing or bouncer for up to 30 minutes and will happily entertain himself. 
We got him a mobile with some colorful animals that he just loves.  If I put him in his crib and turn it on he talks to it.  Non-stop.
There is also a mobile on his swing.
He thinks its neat.

Piglet was especially smiley so I tried to snap some pictures of his big grin, but I was unsuccessful. 
Here are some more shots of his--very serious--camera face.

We went and visited Grandma Betsy last weekend--but we forgot the camera.  Doh!
Piglet thought she was pretty funny, maybe its a good thing I didn't bring the camera--he might not have smiled for her if I did!
Grandma was impressed with what a good Baby Piglet was, when he got tired just laid him down on her bed, and we went right to sleep.  He even slept while Grandma, Auntie and I cheered for the Vikings.

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  1. Ann- He is so precious.. I still am anxious to meet him!! -Kristin