Friday, March 11, 2011

I was just so mad...

Do you know the Mercer Mayer critter series books?  One of Oliver's (and mine) favorites right now is a book that is called "I was just so mad" and that about sums Oliver up in this picture:

If you look closely, you will see his cheeks are wet with tears and there is a big fat one rolling down his right cheek.

I had to wake Oliver up from a nap!  I know--bad idea.  Especially where Oliver is concerned...waking up is never very easy.  But it was 7:00 pm, he had been asleep for 5 hours and hadn't eaten dinner.  I had to do it.

But I had a plan: muffin-pan dinner.  I have seen this idea a couple of places, most recently on Meg's blog.  I've done this for Oliver before and it's been a big hit--especially when what Andy and I are having for dinner isn't really appropriate for Oliver at this stage (i.e. soup or salad).

Oliver cried and cried and cried when I woke him up.  When I showed him that Ba-pa was home (he had been gone all day) it didn't cheer him up.  Finally, I plopped him in his highchair in front of his muffin pan dinner and for an instant, the corners of his mouth turned up.  He caught him self though, and continued to cry his protests through his first three grapes.  Andy and I had to work hard not to laugh.

In the end, he forgave me.


  1. I have never heard of the muffin-pan dinner. Great idea! We'll have to try it soon.

    Is it bad for me to say that Oliver is sooo cute mad/crying? :)

  2. LOVE this idea and I'm stealing it ;)

  3. we LOVE the mercer mayer books. even mad - oliver is freakin' adorable! also - muffin pan dinner is such a great idea. i'm stealing it, too!