Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pizza. It's what's for dinner.

There really isn't much that Oliver won't eat.  He loved the corned beef and cabbage we had at a St. Patrick's Day party, and thought Grandpa's rubens and Irish stew were yummy. He is pretty willing to try anything.

He has his favorites.  Ice cream, for one.  But the boy also loves pizza.  The lighting was really good in my dining room the other day so I thought I would take advantage of the natural light, and Oliver's pizza fueled silly-ness.

At first he just looked at me like "Mama, I'm eating."

But then the smell of the pizza got to him and he dug in.

Nom nom nom. 
 Newman's Own organic, nitrate-free uncured peperoni pizza.

Don't worry mama, I have not bitten off more than I can chew.

{Hmm... wonder if he knows he has pepperoni on his shoulder?}

What?  It's good!

Who knew pizza could be so much fun.

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