Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Talking up a storm

Oliver added three new words to his vocabulary this weekend:


ma-nana (which is, of course, banana)

and stinky.

When I mentioned that third word to a few friends they all had the same reaction... "that is good--he's getting ready to potty train."You see, they all thought that he was saying "stinky" to alert me to an issue in his diaper. 

Unfortunatley, we call him stinky.  As a nickname.  So when he said stinky, he was referring to himself!  Oops.  We are going to have to start calling him Oliver.  We've been practicing Oliver with him, but so far he's only got "Ol"--I guess it is better than nothing.

Oliver still loves wearing our stuff.  Shoes, hats, mittens.  Here he is wearing Andy's volleyball jersey:

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