Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To Grandmother's house we go.

This past weekend, we went to visit Grandma (my mom).  We went over the river and through the woods.  Then over the river again, up US 71, through a lot more woods, and finally arrived in Bemidiji, MN.

Despite the fact that Oliver was tired because he hadn't taken much of a nap:

 he was happy and excited to see his Grandma.

He showed off all of his talents, like clapping, waiving, the "no-way" headshake and giving kisses.  He has the.perfect.pucker.  See.

{how could you not kiss this face?}

We did lots of fun things when we visited Grandma.  Oliver's favorite part was the playground.

Ok, so at first, he wasn't that excited (see, he was a very tired baby--because he would.not.nap).  And it took a bit of convincing:

{you woke me up for this?}

Eventually, he warmed up to the idea and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

We also visited a well known Bemidiji landmark, Paul Bunyan.  Here is a picture of Oliver with Paul:

Oliver also really enjoyed eating out a lot. He had pancakes, eggs, and his new favorite, Pizza.  For the first time he had little to no interest in the baby-food we brought for him and wanted to just eat big people food.  He is growing so fast.  Sigh.

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  1. love the paul bunyan! and he is such an expert kisser! mateo still kisses with an open mouth. :)