Friday, August 13, 2010

What happens at daycare...

When Andy brought Oliver home from daycare today, he was not the same as when I sent him.  Take a look:

Can't see it?  Here is anoter clue:

Yes, that is nail polish. 

Apparently some highschool girls who live next door to our daycare provider are smitten with Oliver {who could blame them} and the girls know that Andy teaches at their rival highschool.  They thought it would be funny to paint Olivers fingers and toes their school colors.

Red and Yellow!  I think it is hilarious!  But I don't think Oliver got the joke, but then again, given that I did this to him, who can blame him.


  1. That. Is. The. BEST!

    If you ever want to mess with your husband, Clair's has a nailpolish that goes on clear but turns pink or purple when in the sunlight. Perfect for putting on sleeping boys...

  2. haha that is too cute! and i'm sure it's even cuter that oliver has no idea how funny it is. or how cute. :)

  3. Meg, I couldn't agree more. He was having so much fun clapping that first night, and he would watch his hands while he did it. I think he thought the colors were really fun!