Monday, August 9, 2010

Zoo-per fun!

Last Friday we went to the local free zoo with our buddies Colleen & Henry.

And here we are:

Henry is just 10 days older than Oliver, but he has a lot more hair! I actually did not know Colleen, despite the fact that she is my neighbor, until after Oliver was born.  Oliver and Henry (which sound more like two old men than two babies!) are best buddies, they love to wrestle, and take turns stealing from eachother.  This time it was Oliver's turn to take Henry's bottle, sippy-cup, food--basically anything within reach.

The boys had fun looking at the animals, these were some of their favorites:

We rented a double stroller, and at first I was a little worried,
but the boys were great and seemed to love it!

p.s.  can you tell I recently started using some free photo editing software that lets you make collages?

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  1. That is hilarious! You have blogged about Oliver playing with Henry before but I never noticed that together their names sound like old men lol!