Thursday, March 4, 2010

The fastest five months ever

Five months ago I became a mom.
Well, that is not entirely true, I became a mom fourteen months ago when I found out I was pregnant, but five months ago I held Piglet for the first time.

One of the most amazing thing about being a mom is watching the changes Piglet makes as he grows and learns to navigate the world around him.  It starts during pregnancy as you track your babys growth starting smaller than a poppy seed, to a grape, to an apple then into a melon with flailing limbs!
(Anyone else think the fruit comparisons are wierd?)

Here are some of the things that Piglet has mastered this month, and some more that he is working on every day.

Piglet no longer hates his carseat, which makes my day, Piglet's day (and especially Papa's day since he takes Piglet to childcare) much more pleasant.

Piglet enjoys his tummy time and he is even rolling over! 

Even though Piglet can roll-over, he hasn't mastered it yet.  He needs a bit of a boost to roll back to tummy, and really likes to practice his rolls in his crib, using the bars to help him roll both ways.

He thinks it is really funny to roll over when we try to change his diaper. 
He waits until we lift his feet up to put the new diper under him and--heave-ho over he goes.  While Piglet thinks its funny, Papa and I don't always get the joke.

Piglet is also starting to scoot, motivated by his just out of reach toys (sorry about that buddy!) but at this point the scoot is usually just a tummy pivot and all that work just to be facing the other direction makes Piglet a little cranky.  The kid is in constant motion, and I'm trying to enjoy the last of the if-I-put-him-here-he-will-stay-here stage.

Piglet still babbles and coos, but not as much as before.  I like to think he is waiting until he has something important to say.

Jumping in his jumper is one of his favorites, and he likes jumping on our laps too, it is a good work-out for both of us.

Piglet tried rice cereal for the first time and isn't so sure what to think (more on this to come).  He has also discovered these neat toys at the end of his legs, we keep telling them they are his feet!

(see, constant motion)

I'm sure I have forgotten some of his accomplishments but if you are still reading this thanks for hanging in there.  One more picture for good measure.

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