Thursday, March 11, 2010

My boys

This morning, as I was (very) groggily getting Piglet ready to go to daycare I noticed him, gazing at Andy, with rapt attention.  It might have been the bowl of cereal Andy was eating, ever since we started feeding Piglet rice cereal he is extra facinated by anything we put in our mouths.  But I think it was love--Piglet adores his Papa.

The way piglet's eyes light up when he sees Andy, and the smile that crosses his face when Andy looks back at him

The way no one can make Piglet laugh as consistently or as hard as his Papa

The way Piglet, who at 26 inches and 16 pounds, feels big to me, but still looks like my little baby when he's in his Papa's arms.

I love witnessing their relationship grow.

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