Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And away we go

This is Piglet's new favorite toy.  It has crinkly paper in the pages (I call it baby crack)
and has nice rubber corners for chewing.

Piglet picked it out himself when he went
shopping with Grandpa.

I can put him in front of him and he'll be distracted for a good ten minutes play happily with it.

Hey, wait a minute Mister... where did you go?

Oh, there you are!

And with that, Piglet is mobile and life just got a little more complicated.

"Look mom, no hands!"


  1. What a little peanut... how cute!! It looks like you all are enjoying your new role as parents thoroughly!! I so want to meet him (although I missed that sweet tiny baby stage.) And speaking of that, Travis and I are coming home for a week from about May 28-June 5-ish. I know it is some time away but I want to make sure we have time to get together if you are going to be around! I was thinking some time during the week! Talk to you later!! -Kristin

  2. Sounds great-lets touch base closer to that time and we will find a way to make it work!