Sunday, March 28, 2010

A very merry un-birthday to you!

I can't believe it but today you are 6 months old. 
Sniff, sniff, that went too fast. 
You've made so many changes this month, Piglet. 

First, you are are eating solid foods, and we've experimented with a few different things.  You love rice cereal, but only if it's made with Mama's milk.
If we make it with formula you look at us like we are trying to poison you. 

So far, you've tried parsnips and avacado, but you weren't crazy about either.  Apparently your thumb tastes better.
Squash, on the other hand, seems to be a favorite.

"What's the big deal?"

(the squash you are eating was grown by Grandpa Mike,
 by the way)
You love bath time still, and we have a new bath tub to enjoy!  It has a blow-up winne-the-pooh head, and you love to lay back in the tub and kick him--which is funny since we've nicknamed you piglet.
...rubber ducky you're the one...

Piglet, you roll both directions now,
you still grunt and snort when you eat,
and you give your mama lots of kisses
by opening your mouth wide
and planting a mouthfull of baby slober
a sweet smooch on my cheek.

You keep yourself occupied in your jumper and exersaucer, and you still think Papa is hilarious.  You have a couple of toys that get on your nerves, and you are not afraid to let them growling and yelling at them!  I really is pretty funny, even if you don't think so. 

You think raspberry sounds are really funny, especially when we blow them on your belly.  You love being suprised, you jump, your eyes get really big, then you crack up.

You are also starting to show a bit stubborness, howling your displeasure when you don't get what you want fast enough.  And sleep--well we'll leave that for another post.

Being your mom has been the most joyful and meaningful thing I've ever done.  You make me laugh on a daily basis with your silly antics.  While I miss the little baby you were, I love watching you turn into the boy you'll become. 
I love you little guy!

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