Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tongue and toes

Piglet is still teething--and when there is not a teething toy within reach he chews on his tongue like its bubble gum.

chomp chomp chomp
he really goes to town

If he had any teeth in there I'd worry that he'd hurt himself!
When he does have a teething toy handy he basically has two strategies. 
1. chew so hard he makes a squeaking noise, and when he gets tired of that;
2. he holds the toy in place and moves his head back and forth, rubbing his gums across it.

Piglet still isn't rolling over consistently.  He's been too distracted with his new favorite toy:

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Piglet has found his toes, and he thinks they're pretty neat.  Especially without socks.

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